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Best Solid Deck Stain (Review) in 2020

Best Value

Thompsons Waterseal Waterproofing Stain

Thompsons Waterseal Waterproofing Stain


Our Choice

Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain

Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain


Premium Pick

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant


Our Choice

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain


Best Value

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Thompsons Waterseal Waterproofing Stain


Premium Pick

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant


Firstly, you need to understand what is pressure treated wood. Pressure Treated woods are just a fancy name for it. Here woods are bathed in chemicals to prevent rots, insects and to increase its longevity.

Many may mistakenly think that the chemical shower and preservative-rich plastic lumber protects their weathered deck from decaying.


Remember Achilles from the Iliad? Or from the movie Troy? He is a demi-god who bathed in the River Styx, yet he had a heel that would lead to his untimely demise. One must understand that no matter how powerful or demi-godly you think your pressure-treated wood is, it is not invulnerable.

Nonetheless, wooden decks and items are expensive. Therefore, being a wooden deck owner if you want to protect them from damage, we suggest you look at our list of best deck stain for chemically preserved wood.

Because like everything else, your wood requires a battle-armor, and you should give it before it withers away.

5 Best Stain for Pressure Treated Wood

In the upcoming segment of the article, we have reviewed the top stain on the market. Since the coating products come in a wide variety, make sure to have a look at the list before opting for your deck stain essential.


Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer

Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer

Check Out Our Top Pick

Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain and SealerOur Choice

” >

Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer
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” >

Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer
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Are you lost in a sea of excellent stains? We think the Olympic Stain 79614 Maximum Wood Stain is the shore you want. It is wonderful at its active and ensures zero disappointment.

You will love its color if you want to give your farm a sophisticated look. The stairs or fences, embellished with this color, will get a fantastic outlook, attracting visitors and onlookers.

Though the stain covers even the older wood, the natural grain peeps through the tint. Moreover, the coating doesn’t simply beautify, it also shields the surfaces from harmful UV rays.

As the color is acrylic based, you can undoubtedly use water to keep all the places clean and retain the gleam; no need to worry about rust formation. Additionally, even if it rains heavily, your timber’s structural integrity won’t degrade.

It also acts as a sealant, providing the deck surface a smooth texture. You don’t have to be stressed out if you are completely unaware of its application method. By following a few effortless steps, you can have an excellent outcome.


  • The combination of natural look and the amazing color enriches wood.
  • You can use water to clean the spot.
  • No rust can form on the surfaces.
  • Wood remains fresh for an extended period.


  • As lids are sharp, you should exercise caution.
  • The odor is strong and unpleasant.

Thompsons Waterseal Th.042851-16 Waterproofing StainBest Value

Thompsons Waterseal Th.042851-16 Waterproofing Stain
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It is high time you know the difference between superior and fake products. If you do not want to destroy the original beauty of yA21711our wooden deck, floor, fence or furniture, we recommend you THOMPSONS WATERSEAL  Th.042851-16 Waterproofing Stain.

This best deck sealer stain for the treated deck has a fantastic chemical formulation that deters the birth of mildew and algae. For a considerable amount of time, the timber will remain as new as before.

Additionally, you must be willing to clean the areas with water or any other chemicals. However, you can do this task without any hesitation as the coating can withstand the water, protecting the surfaces from faster abrasion.

If you are concerned about strong heat, then no need to worry as its UV resistant property is praiseworthy. It is comprised of a special polymer to hold onto the color of the timbers; color does not fade away for an extended period.

Moreover, you will love its simple application process. The whole task can be completed using a few applicators. It releases no pungent smell and the fluidity of the product glides on both horizontal and vertical surfaces of the entire deck effortlessly to provide an absolute deck finish.


  • No fungus can grow due to the outstanding coating.
  • As it is water-resistant, you can wipe the places frequently.
  • UV rays can cause no harm to the texture.
  • No smell is released.


  • It has no handle, making its transportation troublesome.
  • The liquid might leak from the opening.

Liquid Rubber Waterproof SealantPremium Pick

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant
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Safety should be, and almost always is, a priority. Unfortunately, it is hard to buy the safest product, being blindfolded with false acclamations. Therefore, you can try Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant that is proven to be the friendliest for users.

The chemical it contains is non-toxic and harmless. As a stain-coating primarily covers the floor, fence, wall, or metal, and children or pets are most likely to touch those places. So, without hesitation, you can apply it because you have zero risks.

Additionally, you only need a roller or brush to feel like a master craftsman. Its super easy usage requires no special attention. The covering dries out within a considerable time, allowing you to get involved in other activities.

Moreover, the layer is water-resistant, permitting frequent contact with water. Water remains unable to damage the texture or its fineness. As it is UV-resistant, sunlight has minimal to no effect on the surfaces.

This exceptional product contains no VOC that releases gas full of the pungent smell. Alongside people, the environment, too, is safe from this injurious vapor. No cracking or mark can be detected for quite an extended period.


  • Your children and pet are safe due to harmless chemicals.
  • It is very simple to apply using a roller or brush.
  • Abrasion is prohibited by the water-resistant property.
  • No VOC is present.


  • It is more expensive than others.
  • You might not like its color.

Thompsons WaterSeal TH.A21711-16 Natural Wood Protector

Thompsons WaterSeal TH.A21711-16 Natural Wood Protector
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For responsible homeowners, nothing is more important than keeping your wooden fiber and structures protected. In the vast marketplace, the Thompsons WaterSeal Wood Protector is second to none, and it lets you enjoy superior lumber-protection.

The exquisite outdoor wooden furniture design needs special lasting protection from water; therefore, this product comprises of perfect chemical formula that prevents water penetration. Also, you will notice little to no rust formation post-coating.

Additionally, due to its UV-resistant property, the coating is shielded from strong sunlight. Permanence and longevity are a natural byproduct as this stain ensures top-notch performance.

This best deck sealer any deck owner allows for chemically preserved wood never permits the growth/ bloom of mildew or mold, keeping your fence, cabinet, or wooden furniture new and shiny. They do not lose their charm or intrinsic beauty instead retain a superior look.

Furthermore, the methods of applying this stain are pretty straightforward. But you might need a handful of applicators.

The drying period is short compared to other products. Furthermore, you can even use soap or other chemical entities to wipe the surfaces that will never affect the tint.


  • Top-notch performance with effortless application.
  • UV rays can cause no harm to the texture.
  • No marks or scratches are allowed to form or sustain.
  • The innate chemical formula is a fantastic protector against water.


  • You have to remain focused while applying the stain.
  • It is a bit sticky to use.

Jetcoat Cool King Elastomeric Acrylic Reflective Roof Coating

Jetcoat Cool King Elastomeric Acrylic Reflective Roof Coating
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Are you in need of a product that will extend the lifespan of your favorite roaming spot wooden roof, or treated deck? Then be the first to grab Jetcoat Cool King Roof Coating to give your place a mesmerizing look within little expense.

The stain protects the exterior surface and particular areas from harsh weather. Heavy rain or snow can cause little or no harm to that area. As recovering a damaged roof requires a ton of money, this fantastic gadget saves you considerable expense.

Moreover, all the rays of the scorching sun that can destroy the texture of the roof are blocked. Besides, the coating has the most elegant thickness to shield itself from the harmful UV rays.

Its application method is not fixed to a specific range. You can use it to paint over EDPM rubber roofs, asphalt, concrete, or wood. Therefore, no need to buy a number of this sealant for different purposes because one can take care of many.

Furthermore, you will love its quantity. For the average deck-size, you do not have to buy more than two pots. Due to a simple coating procedure, you do not need any expert.


  • You do not need certain applicators, simplifying the task.
  • Rain or snow can by no means destroy the rooftop anymore.
  • It is highly resilient to UV rays.
  • You can apply it over a number of surfaces.


  • It is a bit expensive than others.
  • The handle is not suitable for carriage.

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL 21802 VOC Wood Protector, 1.2-Gallon

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A lot of people get tired of staining older and damp wood every year. Instead, they carry on with the worn-out fences and stairs for years? Include THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Wood Protector on your list and be surprised by the long-lasting quality.

One of its best features is that you don’t have to apply it every year. Even after using, no need to worry. The coating won’t peel off during winter or after heavy rain. Besides, rust formation is highly prohibited.

Moreover, you can use soap or any detergent to clean the surfaces and retain their glow. No mold or algae can build their house and destroy the freshness. Therefore, you can enjoy your precious time without thinking of ways to remove them.

The transparent color allows the wood grain to peek through the covering; your treated deck surface will match perfectly with the yard due to the natural look of the timber. The beauty is not a fleeting phenomenon, it will stay with the wood for years to come.

Additionally, UV rays are prevented from penetrating the wood, assuring zero damage that perpetuates the artistry of wood grain and texture. However, you don’t need to hire a professional to apply it as the desired solid-finish is only a few easy steps away.


  • The wood is guarded against the harmful UV rays.
  • Due to the transparent tint, the wood grain is clearly visible.
  • Only specific tools are needed to finish the chore.
  • Harsh weather can cause no harm to the areas.


  • The surfaces get oily.
  • You need to be wary of extreme temperatures.

Ready Seal 110 1-Gallon Can Golden Pine Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal 110 1-Gallon Can Golden Pine Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer
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Painting the wood should not be an option if you are willing to preserve its natural beauty. If you are done with enough thinking and still out of solution, consider Ready Seal 110 Wood Stain, and you won’t regret it.

One of its best features is that you don’t have to consider the weather while applying it. Any temperature or time is suitable for its use. Therefore, whenever you want, you can take it out and get going.

Moreover, it acts as an amazing protector as it resists the penetration of harmful UV radiation. The color remains just the same for a long time. So, no extra headache of buying a fresh batch of stains.

Without being adept at wood maintenance, you can effortlessly use it. By following a few steps, you can get an incredible outcome and attract all the onlookers with its exquisiteness.

Furthermore, its anti-mildew properties prevent the growth of algae or fungus, guaranteeing the permanence of the timber. The stain gets soaked into the timber to preserve and enrich the original beauty. You can even use it over new woods.


  • Its amazing color enhances the old look.
  • The surface doesn’t get affected by the water or UV rays.
  • You can apply it at any temperature.
  • Only a few steps have to be followed for a perfect result.


  • Its density is not up to mark.
  • The sealer takes more time to dry.

Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Stain

Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Stain
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If environment-friendly stain is what you are looking for, nothing can be better than Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Stain. Among tons of harmful products, this one doesn’t harm the surroundings.

Reason’s to Seal Pressure Treated Wood: Enhances natural beauty while maintaining natural wood grain & texture Protection from mold, mildew and UV rays Water-proofing

Its chemical formulation permits you to apply it over new wood surface without damaging the wood texture. Therefore, you don’t have to buy any extra stain just for newly placed timber.

Moreover, even if you are completely new in this job, no worry, as you can apply it effortlessly. You just need a sprayer to have a fantastic result in your staining project.

Due to its transparent oxide pigments, you can enjoy a naturally flawless transparent finish. The coating shields your wood from harmful UV rays, ensuring its permanency. No matter how tough the weather is, the lasting color won’t fade away.

Water or any chemicals can’t cause rust formation due to its repellent properties. Which means you can use any detergent to keep the places clean and shiny. Moreover, no mold or algae are allowed to build their house, assuring structural solidarity.


  • It can enrich the natural look of the wood.
  • The anti-mold properties preserve the look and constitution.
  • You don’t have to be an expert to expect an amazing outcome.
  • UV light cannot degrade the wood.


  • Doesn’t come in a small pack.
  • It has no handle for easier transport.

PPG ProLuxe Premium Deck Wood Finish, 1 Gallon, 078 Natural

PPG ProLuxe Premium Deck Wood Finish
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If the previous stain is flaking and it is high time to give your existing deck a new eye-catchy look, do get hold of PPG ProLuxe Premium Deck Wood Finish. You’ll get to enjoy the results of your purchase pretty soon. existing

You will love this great product as its transparent stain visualizes the grain of the wood, resulting in a rustic look. The apparent color holds onto the natural appearance, making it a perfect combination for your yard.

Furthermore, it blocks the entry of harmful UV rays, protecting it from any damage. As it is water-resistant, you can use soap or any detergent to clean the areas. No worry even if it rains for a very long time.

The areas won’t be slippery after application, preventing frequent accidents. You won’t have to keep an eye out for your children’s safety. It will give a hard time to molds and allow you to enjoy a fresh deck finish.

Additionally, without being an expert, you will get a wonderful outcome by following just a few easy steps. The Flear finish with great glow is what will make your place incomparable to others.


  • You can apply it all on your own. Opening the lid might be a problem.
  • As it is transparent, the natural look is visible all through the stain.
  • Cleaning the timber is effortless.
  • It does not lose its gleam no matter how tough the weather is.


  • You might not like the smell.
  • You might not like the smell.

Flood FLD442-01 Clear Voc Wood Finish

Flood FLD442-01 Clear Voc Wood Finish
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Want to get a country vibe from your wooden exterior? Let the Flood FLD442-01 Clear Voc Wood Finish take care of your timber. It brings out the soothing color every nature lover adores.

If you want the grain of the wood to get visible through the coating and grab visitor’s attention, then you have the best deck stain in your hands. Retaining the rustic appearance, it ensures an endless surface glow.

Furthermore, as the stairs do not get slippery at all. So, you don’t have to be on your heels with your children. No toxic gas is released, ensuring everyone’s safety; you won’t smell anything pungent both before and after its application.

As it is crucial to keep every spot clean, its chemical formulation allows you to use any other detergent without harming the texture. No rust forms and no molds can feed on the covering.

Additionally, you can easily apply it without hiring a professional. If you just follow a few steps and choose a perfect applicant, your place will be good to go. Besides, after you’re finished applying, UV rays cannot penetrate the covering and hamper the beauty.


  • Its durability saves money and time.
  • Applying it is too simple if you know the required steps.
  • You won’t get any smell.
  • The natural look is exactly the one you desire.


  • It is comparatively expensive.
  • There’s no lighter package.

Olympic Stain Waterguard Waterproofing Sealant

Olympic Stain Waterguard Waterproofing Sealant
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The superior products are the ones that reduce work strain and maintain a simplified application process. One of the best deck sealers for chemically preserved wood, Olympic Stain Waterguard Sealant is a perfect choice if you are a busy workaholic.

You’d be delighted to know that you only require a paintbrush or some rollers to apply the stain. Within a short time, you can complete your activity. However, it takes about 24 hours to dry out, which is a considerable amount of time.

The unique chemical durable formula prevents any corrosion due to regular contact with water or soap. Neither the color nor the delicate wood texture is affected. As durability is highly ensured, you do not have to stain the wooden structures for a long time.

Additionally, its coating is specialized to prohibit the growth of algae or mildew, keeping your fence or sliding fresh as daisies. The wood’s gleaming appeal does not affect the natural texture rather beautifies it.

Furthermore, the coating acts like a powerful shield against the sun and the harsh environment. As it contains UV-resistant chemicals, the strong sunlight cannot harm the wood. You will not have consistent headaches due to scratches or rust as it denies their formation.


  • It gets dried out within a reasonable amount of time.
  • You can finish painting with a handful of tools.
  • The natural outlook always remains the same.
  • It prevents the entry of UV through the thick coating.


  • You might not like the smell it releases.
  • The graying of the timber cannot be stopped.​

Things to Consider Before Buying a Deck Stain for Pressure Treated Wood

As you leap to buy a bucket of quality stain for your wood, you must remember that some of them may not be the right one for you. Thus, before staining, you should check out this section to know what features your stain should have and whatnot quality.

best deck stain for pressure treated wood

The Age of Your Wood

The first thing you need to worry about before using stain is whether your wood is new or old. Older ones are much drier than newer ones, and they are able to absorb liquid easily. On the other hand, new wood types have content that is much moister; hence, it is difficult for stains to penetrate through the surface. types

If you apply a stain on a block of wood with high moisture content, then it may turn out to be harmful. So, it is best if you let your deck age a little bit before using a tint.

The waiting period is short. If you wait for 3 to 6 months, you will have a deck ready to be stained. However, new woods require cleaning as contaminants or dirt may enter. So, it is mandatory to clean and dry the decks regularly. With a little bit of care and regular maintenance, you can keep your new looking wood in tip-top shape.

Prepare Your Deck for Staining

It is a common concern for homeowners who has a deck in their front porch. Although some people think that cleaning the existing deck is enough for staining, we hate to break it to you that it’s not adequate for a perfect deck finish.

Nevertheless, you have to clean the deck and to do it. You can put a pressure washer, one of the best deck stain essential in use. However, the pressure should not be excessive or too low. The PSI should be around 1500 to 2500. If you have a brand-new deck, you may notice a slick or green hue on the surface. This is also called mill glaze. If you witness such a situation, then the first thing you need to do is sand your deck with a grit screen of 60 to 80. Afterwards, you will need to sweep the surface to remove the remaining debris.

If that’s not the case and your lumber is free of these qualities, simply skip the first step and move on with the cleaning process.

On the other hand, if your wood is old, the best thing will be to use a wood cleaner. The liquid enables your lumber to take in stain like new wood. However, you must use it with proper instructions or guidance to prevent any disasters.

You should also keep in mind a few things before applying the stain. First of all, check how the weather will be for a couple of days. You should not go through with the staining process under direct exposure to sunlight. It may make the stain to dry too quickly, which will end up in a blotchy surface or lap marks.

Therefore, if you want the best results, then the temperature should be around 50 to 90F for the next 24 hours. On a similar note, the optimal humidity is 40 to 70%. Finally, you must make sure it is not going to be raining for a few days.

Apart from that, you should also decide what type of stain your planning to use on the inconspicuous spots. Staining a deck can be quite costly and tiresome; thus, make sure you are absolutely satisfied with what you are using.

Get Your Deck Barbeque Ready

People often use their decks to throw summer parties or barbeques. When the weather is lovely, you would want to enjoy every moment of it with your friends and family.

Nowadays, we enjoy throwing such parties near or at the deck, rather than the yard. It is much more relaxed, looks better, and on top of that, your guests are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Hence, preparing your beautiful deck for barbeque parties is something you should consider.

What to Expect When You Hire A Pro

It is possible that you are a busy guy and do not have the time to research or supervise the staining job. The process can indeed be overwhelming, and if you are not up for it, we suggest you hire a professional to look after the task.

It is evident that a pro can manage the job better than anyone else. So, you are likely to get the best results from him/her. A professional will know what your deck needs the most and what changes you should have.

However, a pro comes with a cost; thus, you should be up for spending some extra cash. If you think you have the budget and want some top-tier design, we suggest you go for a pro.

The Required Level of Protection

Our wooden furniture and decks are quite precious to us and let’s not forget they are quite expensive. They look elegant, stylish and fabulous. However, wooden structures are susceptible to various problems. Therefore, while staining woods, you should consider the protection level you need.

It will mostly depend on the area you are living and the environment over there. Usually, grey woods are most vulnerable to moisture and bugs. Water can cause severe damage to your untreated wood. It can warp or weaken the very structure of your deck or furniture.

On the other hand, bugs can destroy your wood from the inside. So, if you leave them unchecked, you can say goodbye to your wooden decks. It is best if your stain provides ultimate protection from moisture and bugs.

Most of the time, stains protect the wood from water, but be careful about the cheap ones because their level of protection may fall short in the long run.

Apart from that, UV rays can also cause damage to your wood structures. Direct contact with UV can fade the colors of your deck. Hence, you should also keep that in mind.

So, check what your deck needs to be protected from and buy a stain according to it.


A gallon of stain can come at various prices depending on the quality. If you are looking for something top-tier, chances are you may have to spend some extra bucks for the job.

Usually, it takes around 30 to 50$ for a gallon of stain; however, that is the average cost. If you want to tune your stain properly with UV and water protection elements, it will cost you a lot more than the mentioned price range.

On the other hand, you also have to think about the amount of stain you need for the task. A large deck will need more than a few gallons. Therefore, we suggest you take a look at your budget and purchase a stain according to it.


Having the right and clear finish for the deck is a concern for most people. It is crucial in the purchasing process. It will determine not only the appearance but also the level of protection your wooden structure will have in the end. Generally, there are four types of deck finishes.


Solid Stain

It is also known as opaque stain and has similar characteristics of paint. It can protect your furniture or wooden structures from water and ultraviolet rays. Solid stain is quite thick and may change the color or look of the wood completely. So, it is best if you use it for old wooden items rather than new ones.

Remember, pressure-treated woods will require more than a couple of coats to achieve the proper appearance.

Wood Toner

Such stains come with color pigmentation to boost and preserve the beauty and shade of the wood. It can repel water, and it is quite similar to clear stains. Wood toner also evens the wooden surface which is suitable for new decks with faded color.


Basically, it is a clear sealant combined with a little natural color to intensify the deck’s look. Semi-transparent stains draw out the organic beauty of the wood. It enhances the inner grain and allows the wooden structure to hold on to its beauty. natural


This type of stain won’t change the appearance of your deck; hence, the name. It will only provide protection to the wood. Such stains are suitable for new decks with bright colors and people who prefer the lumber’s original look.

Oil-Based Stain

The most challenging choice people face when choosing a stain is whether they should buy a water-based one or oil-based one.

However, as per preference, the oil-based stain is the most common and used by general people. These types of stains use a mixture of linseed and varnish as their base ingredients, which gives enough time to level out any dissipations prior to drying.

They are able to penetrate deeper into the wood, which leaves a natural and luxuriant look on the surface. Because of their surface union, oil-based stains last for a very long time. Furthermore, they protect the food from peeling and wearing.

Nevertheless, once applied, you will need mineral spirits for cleaning or thinning them.

Water-Based Stain

Make sure you read the label or check the reviews to know if the stain consists of any unstable organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds can cause some serious issues such as smog, pollution, dizziness, headaches, and even respiratory problems.

Some can even cause cancers; therefore, always check if your product is VOC free. Nonetheless, the stains we have mentioned are top-notch; hence, they meet the rules of the environment and are free of toxic elements.

The Method of Application

Once you are done settling on the type of finish, the next thing you need to think about is the method of applying the stain. There are serval ways to complete the job. You can either use a brush, a paint roller or even a pump-action sprayer.

Using a brush will give better control while staining your deck. However, it will take up a lot of time and effort. It is excellent when you are applying a thick stain.

On the other hand, a pump-action sprayer makes the job seamless, yet it is susceptible to errors. You should use a sprayer unless you have some prior experience. If you want the perfect finish, then it is not the right method for you.

Finally, there is a paint roller. It gives you a perfect balance between speed and proper application. If you are a novice and running low on time, then a paintbrush can be your best option.

The Ease of Application

Not all stains work the same way. The process of preparing the stain is different for each of them. Some will require the removal of other existing coats, paints or stains. Others will demand a mixture of substances before using them.

You also need to be aware of when you can apply the stain. Some will need dry days and specific weather for application, whereas others will involve drying the wood entirely before staining it.

So, make sure how easy it is to apply the stain and what are the due process that comes before.

Types of Pressure Treated Wood

There are different types of pressure-treated lumber, and it is better to know which one you are using.

type of wood

Wet Treated Wood

After being pressure treated, some wood will be wet and remain damp for a decent amount of time. However, such lumbers are much more substantial than ordinary softwood. So, in order to use a stain on them, you must wait for almost 3-6 months, which is the minimum amount of time for the wood to dry properly.


As for Kiln-Dried wood, you do not have to wait at all to stain it. It can save a lot of time for home decorators, who are in a rush. However, there should be some markings like KDAT or ADAT on the lumbers, which signifies they have been properly kiln or air treated.

Treated with Water Repellent

Some pressure-treated woods are Thompsonized, meaning they are made to be water repellent. These types of wood beneficial for outdoor wood furniture, decks, or fences. However, to make sure it is properly treated, you must drop some water to check if it beads or not. If it does then, your wood has been preserved with a water repellent.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Should I Use Water Or Oil-Based Stain For My Decks?

Well, it depends on your preference and the type of wood you are using. Water-based stains are excellent for softwood and oil-based works well with hardwood surfaces.

Water-based stain dries quickly, whereas oil-based takes some time. So, it depends on your choice and wood.

Q: Which Deck-Stains Can Last For A Long Time?

You can go for solid deck stains if you prefer durability. They can also give your wooden furniture and decks a perfect finish.

Q: How Many Coats Will I Require To Stain My Furniture Or Deck?

It depends on the wood you are using. Some wooden surfaces require one coating, where some require multiple layers. However, you should not give more than two coats for any wood.

Q: When Should I Stain My Pressure-Treated Wood?

There is no accurate time to stain pressure-treated pine or wood. Lumbers that are processed may remain in a damp state for a significant amount of time. And if you leave them out for too long, they may become susceptible to UV rays or other elements of the weather.

According to research and real-life experience, it is best to wait for 3 to 6 months before staining a treated wood. However, they may still remain wet; thus, you should check the condition of timber by sprinkling some drops of water on them.

If the water produces beads, then it still needs to be dried, and if it does not, go on with the first batch of stain.

Q: Does Pressure-Treated Wood Need to be Sealed?

Yes, it is best if you seal your pressure-treated wood. It is true that such type of lumber can ward off insects or prevent rots; however, they are unable to avert moisture or water entering the surface.

Your pressure treated lumber would start swelling once water enters into it. Soon enough, it will cause splinters, cracks and even warps.

Nevertheless, you won’t have to face such issues if you seal the wood appropriately. The seal will also protect your deck from UV-rays, increasing the time it takes for the color to fade.

Final Notes

Wooden decks and furniture are very classy to have and look at; however, they can be quite a bit expensive, especially if they have been pressure treated. Nonetheless, you do not want something that costly to be susceptible to wears or rots and remember, even the Greek hero Achilles was not invulnerable.

So, the wood you are going to buy whether natural or the ones that have undergone a chemical treatment with a considerable heap of money is also not invincible! Therefore, take care of your decks, shelves, or furniture with the help of the best deck stain for pressure-treated pine and wood. It will not only increase their lifespan but also make them look more elegant and dazzling.

In our best deck stain review, we have comprised everything that you will need to understand what kind of stain goes best with your lumber and which one you should choose. Now it is up to you to decide which one can satisfy your staining needs.

We wish you happy shopping!

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