Generally, Oak cabinets have a different type color tone. Here applying grey color is not the only solution. We have to identify which color will suit and how to apply them here. So, today we will try to learn about How to Stain Oak Cabinets Grey in this article.

The oaks have a bit orange color grade; when we want to make the stained grey, we have to use the proper color.


Staining an Oak Cabinet in Grey

The oaks we are talking about is a honey oak, so here we will talk about the process of how to stain honey oak cabinets grey.

Cleaning the surface

To meet the honey or orange type color of Oak, we have to apply some methods. And those are:

Finish your oak cabinet with sandpapers well to remove all paint and coating.

Furthermore, you should also remove the marks left by the Sandpaper. It will help you to have a smooth surface.

Clean the surface of your oak cabinet with the help of the ScotchBrite pad, or use the steel wool to remove the scratches left by the pad. Also, you can clean the surface of your oak cabinet with the help of alcohol. But, among them, Sandpaper is the best option.

Glaze the Oak

Use a large brush and glaze the Oak with White Glaze paints.

As a result, you can add a wonderful texture to the base. Paint the other sides of the Oak too.

Let it dry for a few hours, then go for the final touches. Allow drying for a lighter and whiter finish.

You can also paint the little wooden elements that you can find in the house. We love this touch because it gives a unique touch to the base.

Use a Clear Finish

Use a clear finish and make the surface smooth for painting on Oak.

Always apply a thinner coat of the finish and wait for drying. Then wipe off the surface well.

Then apply the second coat. And then wipe off the surface with a clean cloth. Allow drying.

Paint with Grey stain

Use grey stain on the surface slowly and give time to dry. Use two coats of stain.

As we have said, use a clear finish to seal the stains. Use a bluish-grey stain; it will bring the perfect look.

After staining the wood, sand it to make it smooth and look more like wood. You can use the Dremel, or you can sand it by hand. We use a power sander with Sandpaper.

After the wood is sanded, apply two coats of clear finish. You will get the right type of finish you need.

Now you can see the difference between grey stained oak cabinets before and after.

Can Oak Cabinets Be Stained Grey?

The answer is, Yes, We can. Let’s see how we can do that.


We have discussed how to stain honey oak cabinets grey in this article. You can follow the steps and see the changes. You will enjoy the incredible grey finish on your oak cabinet.

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