Whether you agree or not, the fence is an integral part of the house to enhance external beauty. So, a fence’s look is also an important factor along with other parts of a home.

But how to increase the beauty of the fence of a house? Of course, by applying the best fence stain on time. At this point, it comes to choose the perfect color by coordinating with the house.

So, how to choose a fence stain to coordinate with your house? At first, it might be a bit complicated to choose the fence stain color matching with your home.

Nevertheless, if you consider some essential things while choosing the fence stain, you won’t find it too complicated. So, what are the tips for choosing the right fence stain for your house?

Be connected with us till the end of the article to know about those tips and techniques.

How to choose a fence stain to coordinate with your house?

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Do you want to hold your house fence’s existing beauty by avoiding the common problems of fading, splintering? In that case, there are no efficient options, rather than staining the fence.

When staining a house fence, you randomly cannot make any color choice without proper consideration. The fence stain can be your long-time investment if you find quality paint with bright colors.

Here we have enlisted several ways on how to choose a fence stain to coordinate with your house?

Consider your taste

First and foremost, think and rethink which color you would love for your house fence. You’ll get a versatile wood stain in the market for staining the fence.

Please choose your favorite color from those stains and give them a trial before purchasing. For example, if you have a pine-made fence, try the best pine stain on it. Then, see what outcome you get from the stain.

If the outcomes match your expectation, then this is the stain which you’re looking for.

Consider your previous refinish

While choosing the exterior stain, of the fence, you also have to consider the fence previous refinishes. The fence’s last color also determines which color will easily set or takes a longer time to set. 

For instance, if you’d applied deep color on the fence, the lighter shade cannot offer its actual pigmentation. As a consequence, you won’t get your desired tone from the stain you have applied.

Consider the color of yards

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When choosing the fence color, you must consider the complementary color matching with the yards. Green is the standard yard color at almost all the homes of the rural area.

Nevertheless, if you have a unique yard color regardless of green, you must choose the stain color based on this.

Undoubtedly, the bamboo color is the most suitable color for the green color. Some house owners also like to have the brown color for their greenfield instead of bamboo. But, when you have a garden with a white flower, the red color would look fantastic on the fence. 

Consider the sunlight

No matter which color you select for the fence, it holds an entirely different look in the daylight. If you’re staying in a place where the sun offers direct light, you’ve to become more conscious in selecting fence color. n

That’s because the stain color looks very lighter under direct sunlight. If you apply a slight color on the fence stain, it’ll seem there’s no color applied on the fence. Possibly that’s why most of the house owners use the deep stain depending on the sunlight amount.

Therefore, based on your house location, you have to change your taste of choosing the right stain color.

Understand the color types

Before applying stain on the fence, understanding the stain’s color type is very important. Each color type of stain has separate characteristics and differences.

You need to consider their nature and characteristics before choosing any of these colors for your wooden fence. Here are versatile types of stain colors, along with their characteristics.

Clear sealant wood stain

If you want to highlight the fence’s existing color instead of changing it, choose the clear sealant stain. It’ll present you with an excellent tone without changing the real color of the wood surface.

Toner wood stain colors

Toner woods stain colors provide some more natural color than the clear sealant wood stain. Although this stain highlights your wooden stain, you can still not catch the color in your bare eyes.

Semi-transparent wood stain colors

Semi-transparent deck stain is also a water-like color which cannot be differentiated in the bare eyes. Instead of changing the actual color, you should choose the stain for the fence if you want a smooth finish.

Solid stain colors

Finally, there come the solid stain colors which offer a new look to the wood grain completely. There are multiple numbers of fence stain are available in the market. From these stains, it’s easy to choose the right one for your wooden properties. 

Compare within different types of colors

After understanding the color types, you need to compare these color types with each other. When selecting the stain color, you’ll find the light too deep, several types of stain color.

If your fence is already holding a fantastic color, a refinish of stain is enough to get a perfect look. In contrast, choose the solid deck stain, when your wooden fence has completely lost its old identity.

Compare different stain brands

different fence stain coor brand
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Not all brands of stain are equally suitable for the wooden fence of your house. The quality, aesthetic appearance, and servicing differ based on brand types.

While choosing the stain for the fence, keep in mind, considering brands is equally important, like the other things. But how to know which brands are good for the fence stain?

First of all, investigate a little which stain brand is famous in the market. Justifying the reviews and recommendations of different stain brands is a good way to start.

Also, take suggestions from the house maintainer which stain brand is now leading the market.

Consider the deck color of your house

Everybody loves to have a standard house as well as a gorgeous look. That’s why people spend thousands of dollars on decorating and maintaining their houses.

Hopefully, you are also one of those people who loves a standard house. If so, then choose your fence color matching with your deck stain colors.

For example, your deck is stained with a deep color. In that case, choose the same deep color for the fence of the house. It will retrieve the real beauty of a house matching with its deck and surroundings.

Consider the decision of the homeowner association

Sometimes we cannot choose a stain for the fence according to our will. We must think about the surrounding circumstances especially, the decision of the homeowner association.

Yes, you must consider the homeowner’s association’s decision while choosing a stain color for the fence.

In general, the homeowner association decides the house and fence color for all the houses in a colony. It assists to know a colony with the color and structure of the houses in that colony.

If your house is under such an HOA, consult with the HOA of your region. After the consultation, conclude which color you’ll be able to apply on the fence.

Luckily, this step saves your additional costs and the headache of selecting a suitable color for your fence. And that is the positive thing in this step.

Consider your future plans

Do you have a bad conditioned fence but don’t have the time to choose the right color? If so, then wait for the appropriate time to stain your wooden fence.

Unfortunately, most of us randomly choose any color and start to stain the fence due to lack of time. It’s totally inappropriate as you might lose the opportunity of placing your selected color and design.

Also, if you apply any stain without consideration, it’ll be proved not nice for your fence. As a consequence, the fence will lose the applied color and become a damaged fence quickly.

Overall, applying the stain without consideration is nothing but a waste of time and money.

The sum up!

Eventually, you must want a gorgeous and cohesive look at your house. And that’s why you’re looking for how to choose a fence stain to coordinate with your house?

Well! Choosing a fence stain color is not that difficult if you know about the fast wood stain. But when it comes to selecting the fence stain to coordinate your house, it might be a little tricky.

Hopefully, with our guidelines, selecting the right fence stain by matching with your house will comparatively be easy.

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