After using the exterior wood stain, it is not unusual to have some of its leftovers. As the wood stain is a costly item, no one would like to throw away its leftover.

In such a situation, one basic question may come into your mind, “Does wood stain go bad?” Well, in this article, we are going to remove your confusion regarding this! Let’s first know what contributes to making the canned wood stain bad.

When searching for the canned wood stain getting bad, you will find several causes. Some of those causes are exposure to air, moisture, bacteria, extreme temperatures like high heat or cold.

If you take care of these factors, you can enhance the stain’s lastingness more than the expectation. Now, let’s grab the idea of how long may the used wood stain stay good in its can.

Does Minwax wood stain go bad?

Minwax 70012444 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain

Most of the house owners use the oil-based stain for staining their wooden component. And the Minwax wood stain is one of the most used oil-based stains that comes with a rich finish.

After using, if there are lefts some portion of that oil-based stain, don’t throw it away. You can use that leftover stain for your next stain application tasks.

An unopened Minwax wood stain lasts for almost three years in its can. Conversely, an opened Minwax wood stain lasts almost one year. Within these times, you can use the stain on any of the wooden components. 

If you properly store and care for the used stain, you can increase its long-lastingness for more than one year. At many times a well-stored, used Minwax stain lasts for almost five years. By increasing the durability of the Minwax wood stain, you can use it for some more time.

How long does stain last on wood?

how long does stain last on wood

When it comes to the exterior wood stain, it lasts for almost 3 to five years. But the interior wood stain lasts more than five years as it isn’t close to the UV rays.

Hopefully, you know that the adverse external weather is one of the primary causes of reducing the wood stain’s lastingness.

You can also get a well-finished stain for more than five years by applying several stain layers on your interior wood.

How long does stain last on deck?

Depending on where you’re living, the stain on your wooden deck can last for two to three years. Needless to say, your living place creates a direct impact on your newly stained deck.

how long does stain last on deck

For instance, if you’re living in a hot region, the sunlight will make your deck discolored soon. Conversely, when your living place is cold-prone, the moisture and bacteria will harm your new stain.

Usually, the deck remains at the outside of a home; and possibly that’s why the external weather can make a direct impact on the deck.

So, based on your external weather, your newly wooden stain may last more or less than three years.

How to increase the lastingness of the wood stain in its can?

No one likes to throw away his previously used stain, as it is one of the expensive items. But if the stain in an opened can gets destroyed, it becomes impossible to use further.

To protect the stain from getting damaged, you have to store it properly. Only then can you use the stain of an opened can for a long time. Now, let’s see how to make your wood stain last longer in its can.

How to increase the lastingness wood stain

Tip 1: Seal properly after using

Most of the users forget to seal the stain can properly after using. Many people don’t know how the proper sealing protects the stain from the rough weather.

Yes, you heard, right! Properly sealing protects the wood stain from the bacteria, moisture, heat in its can. Take an airtight sealer and seal the stain can which you have opened for staining the wood.

Squeeze the cover of the stain to test whether you have tightly sealed the can or not. If no air comes out of the stain can, you can get assured it has been sealed properly.

Tip 2: Find out a good storage area

Where you’re storing the stain can, it affects a lot about the stain lastingness. Make sure the chosen storing place doesn’t include so much heat or cold.

The temperature of 50 to 65 is ideal for storing your used stain. This won’t destroy the color of the stain, nor will it freeze it.

Furthermore, you must know that moisture is one of the biggest enemies of the used stain. So, you have to select a place to store your used stain, which is dry and free from moisture.

Tip 3: Ensure the maximum security

The wood stain is harmful to the animal’s skin, especially to your pet and children. When the stain comes to the touch of a human’s skin, it becomes solid and hard to remove. Regardless, the children and pet animals are a big cause of damaging the stain.

Therefore, choose a secure place to store the stain that is out of your pet and child’s reach. That’s how you can ensure the safety of your pet as well as the used stain.

The sum up!

Overall, it somehow depends on the user, does wood stain go bad or not. With the proper care, security, and storage option, the wood stain can last for five years in its can.

Conversely, without proper care, whether it’s oil-based or water-based stain lasts less than one year. So, follow our tips and take proper care of your oil-based Minwax stain to increase its long-lastingness.

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