Have you mistakenly applied the wrong stain color on your wooden deck? Or the deck stain you have chosen doesn’t look good after application?

When you are staining a wood structure for the first time, it’s not surprising to face such problems. Some experienced homeowners also regret by saying, “I stained my deck the wrong color. What to do?”

That means they also face the color selection problem like the newbie homeowner. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced, that’s why you must have a comprehensive idea about deck stain color and fence stain color.

What I do? If I stained my deck the wrong color

Now, let’s get a brief idea about what to when you have chosen the wrong color for your deck. Here we go!

Changing deck stain color

gel stain color

Regardless of the wrong choice, there are several causes you might’ve to change your deck stain color. For instance, you might get bored with your ugly and outdated stain color or having problems with the older stain.

No matter the reasons, you can easily fix the deck color with the gel deck stain. It is a type of thicker oil-based stain which technically can be used to fix the wrong stain color.

With only a few coats of gel stain, you can change your outdated deck stain color very easily. But, there are some basic rules you must follow while using the gel stain on your older stain. Here they are!

Choose a darker color

Do you want to make a variation on the color of your wooden deck? Then choose the darker color of the gel stain to apply on your deck. Although the gel stain is thicker in texture, the lighter gel color cannot change your previous stain color.

Notably, when your previous stain is darker, a lighter gel color cannot make any remarkable change on it.

Apply several layers of stain

To fix your wrong wooden stain, you have to apply several coats of the gel stain. Undoubtedly, several thicker coats of gel stain will give a solid and completely new look to your deck.

Conversely, if you apply only a coat on your deck, you will perhaps get the color you have desired.

Dry the previous coat before applying the next one

You have already understood why you have to apply several coats of gel stain. But before applying the second layer of the stain, you have to let the first layer of stain dry.

That’s what we always recommend to the homeowners before applying the second layer of the stain.

Ensure the protection of gel stain

No matter which stains you’re using for decorating your wooden structure, ensure its protection after application. Notably, when it’s a gel stain, you must have to take the highest precautions to protect it from damage.

So, how to ensure the protection of the gel stain on your wooden structure? It’s very easy! Just apply a topcoat sealer over the gel stain that you have applied on your older deck stain color. 

The sum up!

There are several types of stain for fixing the wrong stain color of a wooden structure. But we would recommend you to choose the gel stain most for its smoothness and thicker texture. 

So, are you thinking, “I stained my deck the wrong color? What to do?” If you have made such a blunder, then this is the article with secrets tips for you to follow.

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