Who doesn’t want to get a gorgeous deck at the outdoor? Of course, we all do. It’s a place for family gathering. Also, a beautiful deck enhances the overall appearance of your house. Sanding gives a deck more astonishing look and long life as well.

But, how to sand a deck? We’ll talk about it in this article.

The wood is a type of component that frequently gets discolored. It is crucial to take the preventive measures for lessening the dirt and rust on wood. You can remove the stains and traces of old paintings from the deck by sanding it.

Sanding also enhances the safety and comfortability of a house deck. However, how to sand and stain wood? You can either do it using handheld sanders but the results could be spotty.

Also, you can try conventional flooring drum sander but it could scratch and damage the wood. Most people use flooring orbital sander as it provides sufficient pressure to sand the material. There is also some natural way which we’ve discussed below.

What Is Sanding A Deck?

The sanding is the process of making your wooden furniture smooth by using sanding components. You might have a deck, table, cabinet, or other furniture in your house, which is made of wood.

how to sand a deck
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They need an excellent finish after a specific time to enhance their sustainability. To enhance the suitability of the wooden furniture, decks you must have to stand them. Moreover, if you want to make your wooden deck comfortable, you must have to know how to sand between deck boards.

Why do the sanding and staining deck?

Sanding gives a clean look and permanent changes to the wooden deck’s appearance. So, you must know how to sand and stain the wood floors. Let’s discuss in a brief why you should sand your deck.

To remove the stains and rusts

Stain and rust on the deck are some of the most frustrating problems that cannot be removed easily. There might be a different reason for falling stain on the deck. It might fall due to rough weather, regular activities, or using old paintings. Whatever might be the reason for staining, you can remove it by using the sanding process. Moreover, you also should how to remove stain from cabinets without sanding to get a clean deck.

To ensures the safety and comfortability

After using a long time, the wood deck gets old and becomes improper to use. Sanding makes your wooden deck appropriate to use. It makes the deck firmer and smoother by absorbing the stain from its surface.

To enhance the sustainability

When you have wooden furniture in your house, you must want to increase their durability. In that case, you must sand and stain them after a specific period. Indeed, sanding and staining the wooden materials enhance the sustainability of them. That’s why it is crucial to

To ensure a new and beautiful appearance

Everyone likes to have an attractive appearance in his house. Fortunately, the wooden materials give an impressive appearance of a home. But it is a fact that after a few years the extra-ordinary look of house materials decreases for several reasons. To hold the attractiveness of the wooden materials, you must know how to stain cabinets without sanding.

Overall, you must know how to sand and satin a table to regain the outstanding look of the home.

Guidelines of sanding a deck

Once you start the sanding, you must have to follow the guidelines of sanding for getting a better result. Let’s discuss the complete guidance regarding how to sand a deck.

how to sand a deck
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Step 1: Check the weather

Before starting the sanding, you must check the weather forecast. Dry weather is most preferable for starting work. So, make a plan for sanding your home deck in the summer season.            

Step 2: Prepare the deck for sanding

After deciding the suitable weather for sanding, make your deck appropriate for sanding. Make sure there are no nails or something like that is sticking with the hardwood floors. These small things may cause serious harm to your work and sanding materials.

Step 3: Sand the deck

Now it comes to sand your well-prepared deck boards. Use the sanding paper to get rid of the stains over the wooden floors. To complete the sanding quickly, it will good to use the belt sander. Don’t forget about the edge of the hardwood floors. Also, sand the edge of the deck board perfectly with the belt sander.

Step 4: Tidy up

After doing the sanding, you must clean the deck board and prepare it for staining. Use appropriate quality cleaner to clean the board.

Step 5: Apply stain

To give a fresh look to your old deck board, you can apply a stain or coat after sanding and you have to take good quality deck stain. Indeed, staining gives a clean and perfect look to an old hardwood deck. 

how to sand a deck
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Sanding and staining a wooden component is not an easy task if you are unaware of it. So, make sure you are following our description here to know how to sand and stain a table.

How to stain kitchen cabinets without sanding

Certain wooden things can be stained or painted without sanding. Such as wood cabinets, tables, sink, etc. Now you might be thinking, how to stain oak cabinets darker without sanding. Let’s make a short discussion regarding a complete guideline of staining a wood cabinet without sanding.

  • Firstly, take the necessary equipment for conducting the staining process. For staining wooden furniture, you need a foam brush, a soft cloth, and a good quality gel.
  • Make the cabinet suitable for restraining. To make the staining process easy and flexible, remove all the removable parts of the cabinets. You can use a manual screwdriver to accomplish the task properly.
  • Wipe all the dirt and old stains from the cabinet as much as possible. Use a single piece of soft cloth for that.
  • To stain the cabinet, apply the gel through a foam brush over each part of the cabinets. Make sure not a single part of the wooden cabinet remains dry.
  • Finally, let the gel dry for some time. After drying, wipe the wooden cabinet once more time and make sure there is no dust on it.

Are you still confused about how to stain a table without sanding? If so, then you can follow our guidelines given here.


Indeed, everyone likes to have wooden materials which is well-refreshed and outstanding to look at. But not everyone can get it because of improper knowledge about how to sand a deck. If you want to get an impressive and comfortable deck for your house, you must sand and stain it. To get a better result, you must have to do to sanding and staining process once in each or twice a year.

Remember, the sanding and staining are the best processes to regain the attractiveness of the wooden deck.

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