You possibly know the wooden deck is a moisturizing and rust-prone material. Staining is the right way of protecting the wooden deck from sun and moisture. Besides, it also prevents the wood from getting rotten.

Now, how to stain a deck with a roller? Staining the wooden deck with the roller is not that difficult. But if you are newbie, you need a complete guideline to stain your old and damaging deck.

Well, we are here to guide you on how to stain a deck with a roller. Undoubtedly, you’ll get benefitted from our guidelines if you are an inexperienced Stainer. Let’s get started!

How to stain a deck with a roller – (Step by step guidelines)

The roller is the most appropriate and essential tool needed to stain your deck. So, here are the guidelines for how to apply a deck stain with a roller.

how to stain a deck with a roller

Step 1: Prepare the deck

At first, inspect your deck and prepare it for sanding. You may find sticking broken screws, broken pieces of wood, warped pieces of wood on the deck.

Remove any of the imperfections from the deck. Possibly, the best option would repair the floor before starting the staining. Make sure nothing is stuck with the wood after repairing.

Step 2: Choose the best wood stain

Selecting the best wood stain is quite a challenging task. But the effectiveness of staining wood mostly depends on the stain you use.

Step 3: Clean the deck

Cleaning the deck is an integral part of the staining deck. You must clean the floor before staining and after staining. Indeed, removing the dirt and debris from the deck allows you to set the stain perfectly.

There are some important tasks that you must do when cleaning your wooden deck.

  • First of all, apply the effective deck cleaner.
  • Take a thick and hard bristle mop and rub your deck with the mop. You can also use the sandpaper to remove the debris from the deck.
  • Keep the cleaner for some time on the deck and let it work against the dirt.
  • Wash the place with clean water and make sure no dirt is left on the deck.
  • Still, if there is any dirt left over the deck, repeat the cleaning process.
  • Let the deck dry in the sun for some time.

Step 4: Sand the wooden deck

Sanding the deck works efficiently to set up the stain on the deck.

Step 5: Stain the deck with a roller

Seal the place of the deck with a painter’s tape that you don’t want to stain. Use a roller brush to apply the coat of the stain. Choose such a roller’s brush, which reaches every corner of the deck.

Step 6: Let the stain dry

After you have set the coat on the deck, let the stain dry. It takes a minimum of 24 to 48 hours for the stain to dry.

stain a deck with a roller

Related questions:-

Can I use a paint roller to apply stain?

Yes, you can apply the paint roller to apply the stain. But the pain roller mightn’t reach the corner of the deck. So, you might need a brush to stain the corners of your deck.

Should I use a brush or roller to stain my deck?

You have several options to apply the stain on your deck. For example, paint pad, brush, roller, spray gun, rag, and so on. Amongst them, the roller and brush are the most used staining tools.

Compared to the brush, the roller is most beneficial for the staining deck. That’s because the rollers take less time to stain the deck. Whereas, the staining brush consumes lots of your valuable time.

But there is a problem with the staining roller, and that is, the roller cannot reach the corner of the deck. Well! The problem can easily be solved by choosing an appropriate brush that reaches each corner of the deck.

What is the best roller for the staining deck?

Whether it comes to painting or staining, the roller with a 3/8-inch nap is considered best. That’s because the 3/8-inch nap works efficiently for versatile purposes when sanding the deck.

What is the best way to apply stain to a deck?

The best way of applying stain on deck is to use a bristle brush instead of a roller. Indeed, the roller is faster than the bristle brush for staining wooden surfaces. But it cannot work spontaneously into the joint where two board combines.

Moreover, for boundaryless applications of stain on deck, you must have to use the painter’s tape. Put the painter’s tape on the deck’s space, where you don’t want to put the stain.


Staining is the best process of making a wooden deck gorgeous and attractive. And using the roller for the sanding deck makes the sanding efficient and quick. But perhaps, you don’t know how to stain a deck with a roller. That’s why you are here.

With our guidelines, you’ll definitely become clear about how to apply a deck stain with a roller.

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