When staining a wooden structure, there are a lot of things you need to maintain. Preventing the overlapping of the stain is one of those crucial tasks that you must maintain. But how to fix deck stain overlap from your stained deck? 

Before moving to the point, you must know that the stain’s random application is not the end of the work. You have to ensure the smoothness and attractiveness of your deck after the stain applications.

That’s why you need to prevent the overlap from the wooden deck before it’s occurring. Have you already made the lap marks on the deck? Don’t worry! There are also solutions for that.

Let’s just follow us to know how to fix deck stain overlap and how to prevent the overlap.

What causes the lap marks?

causes the lap marks
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Usually, the uneven application of the stain causes the stain marks on the wooden deck. There are also multiple causes of the lap marks appearance.

Before figuring out how to fix the deck stain overlap, let’s first discuss what causes the lap marks. If you obtain an idea regarding this, it will help you prevent the lap marks before occurrence.

But what are the lap marks? After applying stain, the difference is noticed in the deck color known as the lap marks.

It may be caused for several reasons, and unfortunately, most of us don’t know about them. So, let’s disclose the causes of the lap marks occurrence on the wood.

Staining under negative weather

If you often do staining, you should know that the direct sunlight is highly injurious for wood. Similarly, the heavy wind is also bad for the wood when staining it. Both of these weather conditions dry the stain on wood quickly. 

If you stain your wood during the heavy wind or extreme, there’s the highest possibility of the occurring lap marks. That’s because the quick-drying causes the wet-edge, which consequences the visibility of the lap mark.

Using poor quality stains 

The poor quality stain is also responsible for the lap marks over the wood. Because of the discount or low price, many house owners purchase the low-quality stain for their house.

Needless to say, that the low-quality economy paint doesn’t last on the wood for a long time. Moreover, the economy paint causes the lap marks on the wooden deck. And that is why you should avoid the poor quality wood stain.

Difference in thickness

If you lack the stain application knowledge, you will not be able to apply the stain accurately. As a consequence, there might occur a difference in the stain application on your whole deck.

The lap mark is the result of your insufficient knowledge of the staining deck.

How to fix deck stain overlap?

how to fix deck stain overlap
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Have you made the lap marks on your deck? If so, then you must be worried now regarding how to fix the deck stain overlap. Don’t get panicked!

With maintaining our following steps, it won’t be that difficult to remove the stain overlap. Once you go to the end of our guidelines, you will notice your lap marks have disappeared.

So, let’s get started and know about the guidelines for eradicating lap marks.

Step 1: Choose a soft rag cloth

Choose a soft and light rag cloth to lighten the lap marks of the deck stain. The rough cloth will create new marks on the wood instead of removing the older marks.

However, you can also use the soft bristle brush instead of the cloth to remove the lap marks. But in the end, you will need a soft cloth to give a finishing touch.

Step 2: Choose the right lap mark remover for your stain

Selecting the quality paint thinner is vital to remove the lap marks and maintain the stain’s performance.

Look for the quality paint thinner in your local hardware store to remove the stain from the water-based stain. Conversely, if the lap marks have occurred over the oil-based stain, choose the mineral spirit instead of the paint thinner.

Almost all of us know that the mineral spirit is the best solution for the oil-based stain.

Step 3: Cover the deep lap marks. 

So, you have chosen the right paint thinner based on the nature of your stain. Now, dip the rag cloth into the paint thinner and rub the cloth onto the deck’s deep mark. Repeat the process fewer times until the mark becomes less visible.

You can also use the painting brush instead of the rag cloth for applying the paint thinner or wood stain. But, before applying the paint thinner, make sure the stain has completely been dried on the deck.

Step 3: Apply the wood stain to the lighter marks

Are you having light lap marks on the wooden deck? Then you won’t need the paint thinner to reduce them. Instead, you can use the same color wood stain, which you have applied on the deck at first.

Rub your soaked rag onto the lap marks of the wood until it gets lighter. Let’s move on to the next step!

Step 4: Let the deck stain or paint thinner dry.

Wait for two minutes and let the applied stain for a little time. If you have applied the paint thinner, it also needs some time to sit on the wood.

Step 5: Lightly wipe the excess stain

Now, you have to erase the surplus stain from the specific wooden structure. Wipe the wooden deck mildly with a dry and clean cloth.

Remember, the excess rubbing of the rag cloth might lighter the stain from the wood. As a consequence, the lap marks will appear again on the wooden deck.

How to prevent the deck stain overlap?

We already have known what causes the deck stain overlap, haven’t we? But it can be prevented before occurrence if you know the right methods. Indeed, prevention is better than maintenance.

So, how to prevent the deck stain overlap before occurrence? Let’s know!

Apply sealer or primer

sealer applying
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The sealer and primer are beneficial in increasing a deck’s aesthetic looks and making it smooth. Notably, when your wooden deck is porous, the application of the sealer or premier is crucial.

That’s because the porous wood surface is highly prone to the lap markings. 

Give a natural break within staining.

Give a natural break while staining the deck of your house. Regardless to say, how efficiently and effectively the break will help to set the stain on wood!

The small part of the wooden structure gets enough time to set the stain on it. But when it comes to a large and bare wooden surface, you have to give it the proper time to dry. The natural break between stain application is compulsory for those types of deck.

Indeed, the interruption between staining will resist the occurrence of lap marks by drying the stain perfectly.

Don’t make a staining plan during rough weather.

The rough weather is also highly responsible for causing the stain marks. That’s why the specialists recommend checking the weather forecast before planning about the stain application.

Use quality stain

The quality of stain keeps a big factor about the staining, whether it’s going to set perfectly or not. If you don’t choose the high-quality stain for your deck, it will start to show its effects within a few times.

The under quality stain is one of the serious causes of the lap marking appearance. Regardless of this, the non-quality stain also causes several problems on the wood.

So, it would be better if you don’t consider the under-quality stain for staining your deck. Even if the high-quality stain costs more, you must have to focus on it.

Maintain the wet edge

To prevent the stain overlap, you have to maintain the wet edge at both the stained and unstained surface. This step will provide a smooth and uniform appearance to your wooden structure.

The sum up! 

Having the lap marks is not a big deal when you’re staining the wooden surface for the first time. But intelligent persons always remain one step ahead when involving a certain task.

To remain one step forward on your work, you must know how to fix the deck stain overlap. And that’s what our article is including!

Optimistically, fixing the stain marking and preventing it before occurrence won’t be a problem for you now.

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