Have you noticed an uneven surface after the deck stain of your house? If so, it’s common that you want to get rid of that as soon as possible. Why?

Perhaps you know that the uneven deck creates blotchiness on a deck; consequently, it hampers to get the good look of the stained wood.

So, how to fix the uneven deck stain of your house? If you don’t know, indeed, you will know this with us. Let us first disclose why does the unevenness on a deck usually occurs!

Its common nature of the wood to absorb the wood stain after application. The deck should cover all the stain evenly to hold the natural look. But some woods like pine, cherry, maple, which absorb the stain unevenly.

And that’s when the blotchiness of a stained wood occurs. Now, how to fix this? It’s really not so tricky, so continue reading to correct the problem.

How to fix a blotchy deck stain?

how to fix a blotchy deck stain
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If you mistakenly created a blotchiness on the deck, it’s going to be a great problem. It will not deprive you of getting an attractive looking deck but also present an awkward-looking deck.

Of course, you won’t like it, will you? That’s why to be careful when applying the stain on a wooden structure. Even if you mistakenly make blotchiness, you must know how to fix a blotchy deck stain.

Here we have found multiple ways to fix the blotchiness/uneven of your stained wood.

Condition the deck

You can eradicate the blotchiness of the deck by applying the condition on it before staining. It will absorb the additional oil, moisture, and botches from the wood deck.

Perhaps you know that the oil-based blotchy wood is most prone to blotchiness. And the conditioning before staining controls the oil and enables smooth stain.

By conditioning the deck, you will get an even and attractive deck after the stain application. Instead of the conditioner, you can also use the wash coat when you’re going to use the water-based stain.

However, here we need to remind you to use the brush while applying the condition on the deck.

Why? The application of the conditioner with a brush will provide you the best result. And also, make sure to apply the stain after drying the conditioner properly.

Apply a new layer of stain

how to fix a blotchy deck stain
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If the blotchiness is not serious or tacky, you can fix it, only applying a new layer of stain. It’s the easiest method amongst all the ways of fixing the uneven stain.

That’s because the process of employing another coat of the stain is precisely the same as the staining deck. The only facts you need to maintain here is waiting until the first coat of stain completely dries.

Otherwise, the effect of another coat will fall reversely on the blotchy deck. After application, if another side looks dissimilar to the second coated side, adjust that dissimilar side also.

Apply the gel solution

Are you looking for the easiest solution to fix the blotchy deck? In that case, the gel stain can be another considerable solution for you.

Compared to the liquid stain, the gel stain works excellently on the oil-based blotchy deck. However, the gel stain should work on the deck if you apply it by maintaining the necessary steps.

Follow these given steps to ensure the highest performance of your applied gel stain on the wood.

Step 1: Clean the uneven stained wood’s surface with the mineral spirit by taking it in a rag.

Step 2: Scrutinize the surface and make sure no scratches or debris exits on the deck.

Step 3: Afterward, select a gel stain with your favorite color. Apply the gel stain evenly on your wooden deck and let the thing dry.

Sand the place

Have you already applied the stain on the oil-based wood without conditioning? Don’t worry! It also can be fixed by sanding the stained place.

Sand the blotchy place and remove the stain from it to place the new coat of stain. You won’t need to sand the whole stained area of your house. Instead, you can sand and fix only a blotchy place in your house.

After completing the staining process, you can apply the stain on the wood as always. You should complete processes quickly and efficiently as these are not too many steps.

Use a chemical stripper

Does the blotchy deck stain look awkward because of covering a large area? If so, then the given solutions might not work well on the uneven wood grain.

The only option you have left is eradicating the stain from the uneven deck place and re-stain it.

You can use the sand instead of the chemical stripper; nevertheless, the chemical stripper will provide the best performance for fixing a large blotchy area.

Indeed, using a chemical stripper is an easier and effortless solution to remove the older stain from the wood.

Go to the blotchy area and remove all the stain from the place with a chemical stripper. It might take some time to rectify your mistake, yet it’s a long-lasting solution to fix the uneven area.

There are two crucial reasons for the chemical strippers being an outstanding solution. Firstly, it removes the stain from the wood easily and effortlessly compared to the other materials.

Regardless, the chemical material also makes the wood component eligible to place the stain evenly next time. However, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply and maintain the duration of drying the chemical.

how to Fix the uneven deck stain
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The sum up!

Whether you create blotchiness on the deck mistakenly or unwillingness, you need to fix it swiftly. The longer you wait after making a mistake, the worse effect it will fall on the wood.

But, how to fix the uneven deck stains? If you already made the mistake of applying the stain unevenly, there are separate rules to follow. Still not applied stain on the deck?

In that case, you have individual rules to follow; and we have included all rules to solve your individual problems.

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