It usually confuses the house owner, “can he stain a fence the right way?” The simple answer is no; you cannot apply the fence stain immediately after installing the fence.

You must have to give the raw fence sometime to dry no matter what types of wood it is. Even if you ask, “when to stain a new cedar fence?” our answer would be the same.

Now, the question is, how long should you actually wet for staining the new cedar fence? If you have worked with several wood types before, you must know that the cedar fence is dry wood.

So, comparatively, it takes a lower time to dry. Now, follow us to know When to stain a new cedar fence after installing and why?

When to stain a cedar fence?

Not all types of wood indeed include the same texture and nature. And that’s why some wood takes longer, and some take comparatively lower time.

when to stain a cedar fence

And the customers who want to stain their wooden properties hurriedly choose the second type of wood.

Now the question is, “when to stain a new cedar fence?”

The dry material cedar takes only 30 to 60 days to get waterless. And you can stain the fence after this time when it gets dry.

Conversely, the pressure-treated wood consumes 60 to 90 days to dry in the normal weather.

If you’re not in a rush, wait for 60 days for the cedar fence to dry. It consequently presents you with a smooth finish after applying the cedar fence stain.

What are the circumstances which affect the cedar fence parching time?

Although cedarwood is well-known as dry wood, certain factors affect its dehydrating time. If you have stained the wood before, you should know those factors.

That’s because these factors affect the drying time of the cedar fence and other wood. Let’s see in detail what are those factors that affect the wood’s drying time.

Surrounding temperature

When it comes to drying the wood, the first thing that influences its drying time is the temperature. For the wooden fence, the surrounding temperature affects more. Why?

That’s because the fence is installed out of a home. Thus, the natural weather directly can affect the fence; hence, it can influence its drying time.

For example, if there are heavy storms and cold outside, the effects will directly fall on the fence. The cedar fence would take a longer time than it usually takes. That’s because you cannot do anything to save the raw fence from the outside temperature. 

Conversely, if the wooden property gets the acute sun rays, it will become dry faster than it is supposed to be!


Humidity inside the fence also influences the drying time of the wooden property. Fortunately, the cedar fence is a dry wooden component; and that’s why it doesn’t hold too much humidity inside it.

The consequence is in front of your eyesight. The wooden properties get waterless faster than the other wooden component like pressure-treated wood

Air circulation

The surrounding air circulation is also a vital factor for circulating humid from the wood. Whether it’s too much or less, almost all the wood includes the humidity inside it.

It’s the warm air circulation that brings out the humid from the wooden properties by dehydrating it.

There you have to be clear about a vital fact, and that is the storm also facilitates the air circulation. Nevertheless, it cannot make the fence humid-free. Instead, the wet air circulation of the storm increases the drying time of the wooden fence.

How to fasten the cedar woods drying time?

Have you waited for a too long time but still, your cedar wood fence isn’t drying? Although cedar is a fast-drying wood, because of the weather, sometimes it takes a prolonged time to dry.

Also, sometimes we don’t have so much time to wait for 1 to 2 months for the fence to dry. In such a situation, you must have the question in mind, how to fasten the fence drying?

how to fasten the cedar woods drying time

Fortunately, it’s possible to dry the wooden fence if it’s made of cedar. Wash your cedar fence properly and treat it to apply the smooth finish of the wood stain

It will need only several days to make the wood prepared for staining instead of taking for 1 to 2 months.

However, don’t apply the treatment for the pressure-treated wood. It won’t work! That’s because the pressure-treated wood is not dry wood. The wood will consume a long time, which is supposed to take!

The sum up!

Staining the wooden properties is very important for protecting them from the sun’s ultraviolet light. But there’s the timing of every task which you must maintain.

If you want a flat surface for your stained wooden fence, you must have to dry it properly. And it is the answer to your query, “When to stain a new fence cedar”?

As the cedar fence consumes 1 to 2 months to dry, you better wait that long before applying the stain.

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